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Confirmation of Export LC

In order to eliminate Bank and country risk, a confirmed Letter of Credit is to be sought. As the confirming bank of your Letter of Credit, we will be in the stead of the issuing bank and provided all terms and conditions of the letter of credit are met, we guarantee your payment.

There are significant advantages in obtaining confirmation and we recommend you contact us via e-mail [email protected] or by telephone +49 69 915 0677 -21/-22-/41.


If you expect LC’s issued by banks in Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Mauretania, Ivory Coast or many other countries in Africa, please contact us.

You can fill out forms below on your PC then sign and send them back to us. For more info Contact our Trade Finance team:
Confirmation of Export LC

Presentation of documents under a Letter

Presentation of documents for Collection

Order to open a letter of credit

Documentary Remittance Letter

Application to Transfer a LC

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Trade Finance Team

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