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Why BoB?

Our Extra Added Value:
We are a team of experts with extensive experience in the Trade Finance Business. Any of our team members can handle the settlement of your letters of credit with expertise and in a swift and safe way.
In conducting your business with us you will profit from our wide spread correspondent banking relationship in the MENA region, Near East as well as in West and East Africa.


Our understanding of the business needs of our clients together with our comprehensive correspondent banking network enable us offering efficient and customized clearing services including the processing of commercial payments (MT 103) and bank to bank payments (MT202) to our well-respected customers.


Being a direct member of TARGET 2 (Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross settlement Express Transfer system) which is the major EURO-Clearing system as well as being a member of SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) reflects our commitment to offer first class service to our clients. It goes without saying that all of our customers will benefit from our expertise especially in EURO-clearing. If you are interested in receiving more detailed information about our EURO-clearing services or if you are interested in becoming an indirect TARGET 2 member bank please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to submit a tailor made offer to your fine institution.


Export L/C:
Professional Consultancy to structure your expected letter of credit in line with your sales contract. LC Conditions are verified and inquiries are made with the issuing bank free of charge*. Documents are checked and processed in a very timely and safe fashion.
* Pre-Check of documents is done free of charge.

Secondary Market:
When your bankers are not willing to confirm your letter of credit we can offer the possibility of silent confirmation. To provide short time liquidity flow we can offer you the possibility of discounting / forfeiting your term receivables.

Export Collection:
Swift processing and expeditious dispatch of documents to the foreign bank.

Why BoB?
Bank of Beirut

We, at Bank of Beirut, understand that this is only the beginning since our mission goes Beyond Borders.

Bank of Beirut (UK) Ltd, Frankfurt Branch is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, by the Prudential Regulation Authority (Firm Reference Number 219523) 

Bank of Beirut (UK) Ltd., Frankfurt Branch owns the creditworthiness seal awarded by Creditsafe, one of the world's most frequently used supplier of company's credit reports, an attribute that stands for affirmation of the trustworthiness and financial strength of Bank of Beirut (UK) Ltd, validated by an independent rating agency. 

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